Best Portable Massage Chairs

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For the person who has decided that it is in the best interest of their health and well-being, or for the one who has chosen to go into business for themselves, choosing the best portable massage chair shouldn’t be very difficult. However, there are a number of portable massage chairs to choose from, and of course, they all claim to be the best. So how do you decide?

Tips to Consider Before Shopping For the Best Portable Massage Chairs

The short answer is, know what your wants and needs are in a chair. When you have that narrowed down, then what? Let’s talk about purchasing a portable massage chair for your personal use at home first. If you are a masseuse or masseur who just wants a portable massage chair for your own home and personal use, then you are likely to know just what you want. But if you are someone who can afford to have a massage therapist come to your home and just want to have your own private chair that a dozen other people haven’t used, you may need to do a little shopping and study to see which portable massage chair best fits your needs.

  • Your needs:

Maybe you are a student who needs a massage chair at home that you can practice on. You probably won’t be short of people who will be delighted to let you practice on them. Or maybe you are going into the massage therapy business for yourself and need to outfit your office with one or more portable massage chairs. Many massage therapists take their skills on the road, going to clients’ homes, going to fairs, or large flea markets where their services are in demand.

  • Portability:

Even the massage therapist who is, or would like to be, a full-time RVer can take a portable massage table in their RV with them, much to the delight of other RVers in RV parks, campgrounds, and mobile home parks all across the country. What a great way to pay for your travels all around the United States! You may need to check on state licensing, but with that detail cared for, you’ll be set to hit the road and take your business with you.

  • Quality:

One very important factor to consider is the quality of the chair. You want to select the highest quality of chair possible that falls within your price range. Look for sturdy construction, a lightweight framework, and quality upholstery. You’ll want it to fold up for easy transporting. Especially if you are ordering online, you will want to read all about the chair—its construction materials, weight, dimensions, and other pertinent information. When you buy something sight unseen, except for a few photos, you really don’t know what you’ll be getting. You can only hope that the dealer is honest. Check for money-back guarantees if you aren’t totally satisfied. If you aren’t happy, adhere strictly to the return policy, especially the time frame. You don’t want to hang on to the offensive chair too long, or the return policy time frame will expire and you will be stuck with an unwanted piece of merchandise. Also check to see what is covered by the warranty, and for how long. If offered, it may be wise to purchase an extended warranty.

  • Carrying Case:

You’ll likely want to choose a portable massage chair that comes with its own carrying case. Not only will it be easier to carry around, the case will keep the chair clean and free of bumps and bruises. The carrying case will be well worth any extra $$$ you spend to get it.

  • Adjustable:

You’ll want the portable massage chair to be adjustable, also. The face cradle, arm rests, chest pad, and seat may all be adjustable, depending on the model you choose. Not all portable massage chairs are fully adjustable, so you will want to decide what is best for you. But most of them are somewhat adjustable. Others have a wider range of adjustability to accommodate nearly every size of client. Check on the weight limit, too.

  • Reviews:

If you decide to order your portable massage chair online, which means you can’t see it in person or test it out, be sure to read the reviews from other customers. When you do read them, bear in mind that not everyone has the same experience or outlook on things. If the reviews are mostly negative with only a few with good things to say, you may want to check out another chair. But if most of the reviews are positive and only one or two are negative, you can probably assume that the chair is a good one.

Even if you end up making your purchase online, it’s a good idea to go to a physical store, if there’s one in your area, and look at all the portable massage chairs available to see what they are really like and if you’ll be happy with the one you select. Seeing the massage chairs in person allows you to check the sturdiness of the frame, the quality of the upholstery, the extent of the adjustability, and how easily (or not) the chair sets up and folds down for storage or transport. Here are a few of the portable massage chairs that are available on Amazon.

Comparison table of best portable massage chairs

Product imageNameMaximum Working WeightProduct WeightCarry CasePriceRating
EARTHLITE Avila II Portable Massage Chair Package350 lbs22 lbsYes$$$3.9
STRONGLITE Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair600 lbs19 lbsYes$$4.8
EARTHLITE Vortex Portable Massage Chair300 lbs15 lbsYes$$4.5
Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair650 lbs15.2 lbsYes$$4.1
Ataraxia Deluxe Portable Folding Massage ChairNot listedNot listedYes$$3.5
Sivan Health and Fitness Portable Massage Folding Chair350 lbsNot listedYes$$3.0
Master Massage Bedford Portable Light Weight Massage Chair500 lbs15 lbsYes$$3.6
BestMassage Burgundy 4" Portable Massage Chair 300 lbsNot listedYes$4.1
Giantex Portable Light Weight Massage Chair350 lbs20 lbsYes$4.2
Portable Massage Chair Comfort 4" Thick Foam Light Weight Therabuilt Apex300 lbsNot listedYes$4.3

Detailed review of best portable massage chairs:

1. EARTHLITE Avila II Portable Massage Chair Package – Folding Tattoo Spa Massage Chair incl. Carry Case with wheels

The EARTHLITE Avila II portable massage chair is said to be the most advanced massage chair in the world. The ultra-compact, ergonomic design features steel clutches and quality, soft supporting removable cushions. It is infinitely adjustable to suit everyone from children to 350-lb. adults. The chest clamp is reinforced to provide optimum stability and strength. The design maximizes client support and comfort and is easy for the therapist to use. The unit comes with a limited lifetime construction warranty and a two-year warranty on the cushions. The value package comes with the chair, a carrying case that has heavy-duty nylon wheels and a telescoping handle, a pouch for valuables and a sternum pad.

2. STRONGLITE Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair Package

The highly touted David Palmer, said to be the father of chair massage and chiropractic care, has designed the Ergo Pro II portable massage chair made by STRONGLITE. Constructed of heat-treated T6 aluminum alloy, which is both very strong and very lightweight, it features a double tube design that makes the chair very stable. The framework is powder-coated to a high gloss finish. Weighing only nineteen pounds, it is easy to take anywhere. The adjustable frame fits clients from 4’6” to 6’6”. The chest pad slides for easy adjustment, and the seat and face cradle are fully adjustable. The adjustable arm rests and seat makes the therapist’s work easier, too, as well as being comfortable for the client. The leg pads are removable to accommodate injured or disabled clients. The complete Ergo Pro II package includes attached wheels, a nylon carrying case with padded strap, and a CLOUDFILL face pillow. The Ergo Pro II comes in purple, teal, royal blue, black, and burgundy.

3. EARTHLITE Vortex Portable Massage Chair Package

The Vortex Portable Massage Chair made by EARTHLITE is touted to be the lightest portable massage chair around at only fifteen pounds. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, the Vortex is easily set up or folded, stored, and transported in its very own nylon carrying case with a padded shoulder strap. For first class durability and comfort, the Vortex is upholstered in Pro-Lite, a dual density, high quality cushioning, covered with the amazingly soft Natursoft upholstery. The Vortex is adjustable to fit most body sizes. The face, seat, and arm adjustments allow the portable massage chair to be customized to suit each client, ensuring a satisfactory massage. The Vortex portable massage chair comes with a full lifetime warranty on the frame and a three-year warranty on the upholstery and cushions.

4. Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair

Perfect for every massage therapist from the student to the experienced, the Master Massage Professional is lightweight, strong, and crafted with attention to detail. The frame is made from aircraft aluminum, which gives it the strength to hold up to 650 pounds. Padding is the exclusive Small Cell Foam Cushioning System that is covered with PU upholstery that is water and oil resistant, CFC-free, and backed with a denim-like backing. Color is royal blue. The Master Massage Pro comes with the max comfort memory foam pillow, a six-way adjusting face cradle, and a safety pouch to store jewelry and eyeglasses during the massage. It also comes with a luggage-type wheeled carry case.

5. Ataraxia Deluxe Portable Folding Massage Chair

Arguably the ultimate portable folding massage chair, the Ataraxia Deluxe features adjustable arm rests, chest pad, seat, and face cradle. The padding is a cutting-edge foam system that delivers the maximum comfort and pleasure. The upholstery is of a oil- and water-resistant synthetic leather. The framework is solid steel that is noise free. The portable massage chair needs to be assembled, but directions are easy, and you’ll have it ready to use in no time. No tools are needed. The Ataraxia is up to a foot longer than many other portable massage chairs on the market, allowing adjustments to fit most people no matter their height.

6. Sivan Health and Fitness Portable Massage Folding Chair

The Sivan portable massage chair is fashioned in a one-piece design that needs no tools for setup or fold-down. It can also be adjusted to fit most any client. The soft-touch upholstery and lightweight framework are made with quality materials and with precision workmanship. Every spot where the body touches the portable massage chair is covered with skin-touch upholstery for the ultimate in creature comfort. The relational design works well to relieve strain, particularly on the lumbar spine area. The maximum working weight is 350 pounds. Included with the massage chair is a carrying case, sternum pad, and a pouch to hold eyeglasses.

7. Master Massage Bedford Portable Light Weight Massage Chair

The Bedford portable massage chair has been specially designed and constructed to make it easy on the therapist who regularly commutes from office or home to a worksite. Made of aircraft steel framework, it is amazingly strong as well as lightweight. The exclusive foam padding—a multi-layer small cell foam—makes the body rests so comfortable that your clients may never want to leave the chair. The upholstery is burgundy PU material with a pseudo-denim reinforcement and is oil- and water-proof. The maximum weight load is 500 lbs. The steel framework is electrostatically powder coated to keep your Bedford as new as possible for as longer as possible. The Bedford comes with a carrying case, a six-way adjustable face cradle, and a memory foam pillow that is layered for maximum comfort.

8. BestMassage Burgundy 4″ Portable Massage Chair

The BestMassage portable massage chair features a surface that is completely ultra soft. The massage chair folds flat for easy transport. The seat, head rest, and arm rests are adjustable to sit most any size of client. The BestMassage has a working capacity of 300 pounds.

9. Giantex Portable Light Weight Massage Chair

The Giantex portable massage chair framework is made of a durable powder-coating aluminum that is lightweight and sturdy. The upholstery is PU leather that is oil- and water-resistant, and easy to clean between clients. The face cradle, chest pad, seat, and armrests are easily adjusted to fit most any body size and height. The Giantex comes with a carrying case that makes transporting it a breeze as well as keeping it clean and safe from scratches or tears.

10. Portable Massage Chair Comfort 4″ Thick Foam Light Weight Therabuilt Apex

The Therabuilt Apex portable massage chair is a nice chair at an affordable price. The framework is lightweight, and the padding is four inches thick. The face cradle is adjustable. The upholstery is an attractive light cream color. The Therabuilt Apex comes with its own free carrying case.

In Conclusion:

After researching your needs and features that will match, you can start shopping for a lightweight, durable and portable massage chair. With the different models available, the best portable massage chair isn’t hard to find.

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